Homeland Security

DEFENERGA is a Systems Integrator in the Homeland Security arena and select markets worldwide providing Security Solutions for a wide spectrum of requirements covering border, critical infrastructure, coastal, anti-insurgency, offshore platforms etc. Design of innovative and cost-effective solutions, coupled with state-of-the-art sensors/platforms, especially suitable for specific terrains/environment are provided. 

We deliver right solution for you

We deliver right solution for you

Apart from this, strong capabilities are available for system design, field integration, maintenance and manufacturing.

DEFENERGA has a high technology focus in selection of the sensors we bring to our clients. We provide our clients with world leading sensors to be able to detect and determine the threat from remote locations. These sensors are evaluated, tested and benchmarked to ensure they are cost competitive along with being robust and user-friendly. We also provide certain delay and deterrence products that are class leading in their categories. We have an unmatched range of platforms that can be used on independent missions or integrated with a variety of sensors for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) purposes. All security systems are integrated to provide a central user-friendly interface for effective monitoring, control and response. Command & Control System (C4ISR) is one of the key thrust areas where we have capabilities to provide solutions from the smallest to the largest project/client.

We have positioned ourselves as integrated solution provider to meet customer organization requirements and provide long term support as well as life cycle management of the systems. We are also continuously striving towards product innovation and customization. We aim to differentiate ourselves by giving appropriate solutions to achieve customer goals in cost effective manner, equally effective long-term support to ensure desired serviceability and smooth obsolescence management.

Homeland Security Services

No matter what kind of area your authority is active in Defenerga can offer the services you need. Our skills range from planning, building, operating and maintaining new networks to offering connection services and attention to existing networks.

When designing a protection system, we approach the task from four principles – Detect, Determine, Delay and Defend. These principles allow us to protect an area through the application of appropriate technology.

Detect – is the process of identifying specific activity that is to be alerted to the security team. Detection should be made at the earliest opportunity. Detection technologies include radar, fibre optic sensors and infrared beams.

Delay – is important to allow a security response to be initiated. This may be a physical barrier or an open area that will take time to cross. Delay technologies include fencing, gates and barriers.

Determine – is the ability to verify the detected event so that false or nuisance activations are eliminated and valuable intelligence is gathered relating to real events. Determination technologies include long range CCTV and thermal imaging.

Defend – is the deployment of technology to deter or repel a security breach. Defence technology includes power fence and electronic  jammers.



  • Foliage Penetration

Airborne SAR for all weather –day /night terrain imaging, for security forces to operate, patrol roads & track targets under dense foliage/forest

  • Ground Surveillance Radars

Provides high resolution detection of targets for defence and security applications of Border Surveillance and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

  • Short Range

Miniature Radar for detection and tracking of humans and vehicles during day/night and all weather conditions for a high precision alternative to other detection technologies at a low cost.

  • Coastal Radar

Effectively monitors coast line for vessel traffic, search & rescue for distressed vehicle, contraband surveillance and illegal immigration by sea.

  • Aerial

Surveillance radar, low cost solution for situational awareness for critical asset protection, border surveillance; detection of UAVs, low flying and slow targets




High Definition Autofocus with optical zoom provides images day and night with illumination using infrared/ultra bright light

Thermal Cameras

Thermal CCTV Camera provides images in zero light with wide range of lens options for various applications. Built in alarms ensure zero-tampering

Area Video Surveillance

Infrared panoramic surveillance camera providing a 360 degree view for perimeter control, coastal/border surveillance and intrusion detection.

Wireless Video Surveillance

Rapidly deployable surveillance camera with integrated wireless transmission and recording features for special operations, mobile units and areas without infrastructure support.

Multi-Sensor Cameras

Long range target tracking for perimeter security, Border Security and High value assets under daylight, ultra-low light and fog conditions.

Covert Long Range Cameras

Unattended miniature IR/CCD Camera with live video transmission to control-center for full situational awareness for difficult areas.

Video Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Integrated video analytics for Incident –Event-action with advanced alarm management in a network of multiple devices.



Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS)

The state-of-the-art UGS provides covert monitoring of perimeters, borders and access routes in tough terrain. Long battery lives and easy deployment make these ideal gap fillers.

Fibre Optic Cable

Buried fibre optic cable monitors movement of persons & vehicles and digging activities along the long stretches of border, perimeters, jungles and riverbeds.

Acoustic Sensors

Accoustic sensors are to monitor, classify and locate acoustic events in 3D space like artillery fire, and sound of vehicle/helicopters. Applicable for security installations and as UAV payloads.

Direction Finders

Direction finders are used to monitor radio sources position and direction to provide early warning from intruders carrying phones/radios.

Fence Shock Detection System

System provides intrusion localization for mesh fences used for perimeter intrusion protection. Requires least infrastructure as the system is solar powered and tamper proof.

Infrared Barriers

Easily implementable, reliable and effective deterrence for intrusions over long distances. Requires least infrastructure as the system is solar powered.

Laser Area Detection

Laser beam scanning over predetermined zones with effectiveness over land and water. Provides tracking data within the scan area.

Power Fence

Perimeter intrusion sensing with highly dissuasive stainless steel wire electrified with non-lethel high voltage


Underwater site security system to combat asymmetric threats from terrorists/commando divers. Classification algorithms effectively separate between types of divers and other sea activity.


Advanced Radio frequency jammers to neutralize threats of Radio controlled improvised explosive devices (RC-IED) used by terrorists.

Command and Control Center

Center of the security network with integrated situation picture to facilitate effective command and control functions, integration of sensors in the network, support information and large screen displays for effective solutions.

Night Vision

Light weight, rugged cooled and uncooled sights for day/night and all weather use. Latest Generation technology ensures world-leading specs.

 Access Control

Fast, Secure and Reliable access control solutions granting authenticated users access to specified areas, specified times and other custom security scenarios.

Through The Wall Sensors

Radar imaging through –wall for instant situational awareness and target data acquisition

Wall Breaching Systems

High pressure pneumatic system to breach wall/door without any explosive, uses water/sand.

Stand-off Detection

Passive screening for concealed objects on human body without compromising privacy/safety for more agile & responsive security.

Cell Monitoring

Interception system for real time cellular monitoring covering GSM/CDMA and other standards

Water Interceptor

Innovative solution to engage vessels with high strength wires to slowdown target vessels and intercept

Water Purification

Requires no power or chemicals and provides safe drinking water from water available from rivers, streams & dirty ditches- free from the smallest viruses, bacteria, arsenic, fluoride etc.

Fixed Wing UAV

Surveillance solutions for multiple applications with choice of payloads capacity, endurance, features.

Rotary UAV/Quad Copter

Effective surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition solutions for rapid deployment scenarios.

Handheld UAV

Manportable & fast deployment for situational awareness during day/night

Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Combat-proven robots & save lives for troops, safety personnel while aiding situational awareness in hazardous situations.


All-terrain vehicle for inland/border/coastal patrol in inaccessible areas of marshland, swamps, mud, sand, ice & snow.


Rapid deployment, minimal logistics, low cost solutions for large area fixed surveillance & emergency surveillance.


Wide range of utilization for Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, Surveillance and Mapping applications.

All-Terrain Vehicle

All-Terrain Tracked Vehicle for Patrolling, reconnaissance, rescue mission for toughtest terrain like marsh, ice, mountain, mud, shallow water, road, grass etc.


Defenerga provide a wide range of homeland security scenarios to prevent, respond to, and recover from natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other disasters.

  • Border Protection
  • Coastal Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Security
  • Airport / Airfield Security
  • Mining Security
  • Port / Harbour Security
  • Safe City
  • Counter Insurgency
  • Electronic Surveillance
  • Offshore Security